Creepy, Stinky Mexicans.

This is a story submitted by “Scarlett” who does some exotic dancing in Houston, Texas. Yes, she’s a stripper. If there’s a job in the service industry with more interesting experiences, I’d like to know about it. Now, this site FINALLY has a stripper story. Here it is. 400w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

Tonight there were these Mexicans who came in to the club I work at. I don’t mean to be racist, or to stereotype any groups of people, but damn it if the Mexicans here don’t either wreak of cologne, most frequently Cool Water, or smell like a vomit-inducing combination of sweaty arm pits and a person who shit their pants. I’m not saying every Hispanic person that comes in here stinks, but there’s enough of them that we have little nicknames for them and try to avoid them like the plague. Whenever I’m outside of work and smell that cologne, I literally gag and dry heave a little bit.

In addition to their stink, they usually tip like they smell (shit) and get themselves kicked out frequently because they’re so aggressive and inappropriate.

I don’t know if it’s Just the Hispanics here, because we’re so close to Mexico, or if this is a nationwide phenomenon, but something has to change.

I see so much hate on here for black people and how they don’t tip, are rude, etc. In my experience, or maybe at least in this line of work, black guys tip fairly (not great, but fair) and are always giving out good compliments.


  1. Ron

    I was in the army. Every Mexican refused to go to combat or the field and got out of it. Whites and blacks could not, as Hispanics claimed it was a “Race thing.” and some even got H discharges though they got bennies from the service but would not fight. I want them all out of USA totally! they get money, homes, cars and jobs and spit in our faces and burn our flag. they don’t deserve to live in America at all.

    • gypsyqueen

      I agree, they are smelly, disgusting people that need to go back. They come here illegally and vrig their 15 breeding kids, do not speak the language or try to, then they send money back so the other 100 relatives can come illegally. Nothing gets me madder than being in a public place and having to listen to them speak their language. They all need to be sent back

    • Joe

      I am with you 100% brother.
      They are free loaders. They come to America and expect help from Americans. I fought for my country and want them out of this good country.

  2. Tinnyanablu

    Right before I found this article I was looking for a new cologne. i’d like a good quality but not so expensive one.

    I also don’t want to smell like one of these stereotypical Mexicans (I’m Mexican-American).

  3. SRod

    I agree, mostly, with Maru. One thing that was spoken incorrectly is that Puerto Ricans are mostly mulatto (black/white or slave African and Spaniard mixed). In Puerto Rico, more than other “Hispanic” Caribbean islands, the diversity is more thorough..we are a true mix of Spaniard, Taino (natives of the island itself) and African slaves. While some families might have a dominance of one lingering ancestry, most have a pretty equal balance of all mentioned. One example is the latest l’Oreal makeup ad Jennifer Lopez did (for the true match line), her tagline was “100% Puerto Rican”, while other A-list celebrities who have mixed heritage had their heritage make-ups outlined for the general public. I.E. Beyoncé and something like, French, Indian, and Spanish, kind of deal.

  4. voteromney2012

    Maybe youre an ugly as fuck dancer and your holes stink. Ever think of that? Thats why the mexicans and blacks dont tip you. The whites that tip you are all old and on viagra. No self respecting man of any race will treat a stripper with any kind of respect. You dont respect yourselves. Why should we?

  5. Cassie

    I have noticed mexican typically are more aggressive with dancers when they get private dances, and I’m in Missouri. Black men usually don’t ask for dances and don’t tip very often. The best tippers in that industry would be the older business men.

  6. Former bartender

    I’m curious how she knew they were Mexicans and not Guatemalan, Cuban, etc.?
    Just because they speak Spanish doesn’t automatically make them Mexicans.

    • Electricguru

      First of all, They don’t even have their own language. I have very close friends from Spain, and they can’t understand the so called Spanish, but purely mexican gibberish. I have worked with Cuban, and Guatemalan peoples for many years. All were here legally, had all of their shots, checked for diseases, sworn allegiance to America, try to learn English, and not one smelled bad. They are true immigrants, and not illegal aliens. mexicans smell like soured asshole. They are the only ones that throw toilet paper in the floor, with shit on it, at every industrial manufacturing facility I have ever worked. Some would even finger paint with their shit on the bathroom walls. I’m not sure if they were finger painting, or using a turd like a piece of chalk. I have seen more than 50 of the nasty bastards fired for it. Not all Latinos have these nasty attributes, but mexicans just plain stink. They are filthy. I haven’t been around even one that doesn’t make you turn away, with your eyes watering in disgusting stench. They have immoral habits, and lower the social standard of every country they infest. Oh, did I mention, they STINK! They are some of the worse lowlife scum on this planet. I have plenty of Spanish, Black, Indian, White, German, Swiss, French, Russian, etc. as some of my very best friends. They do not smell of the nasty stench as every mexican I have ever had to be in close contact with. Mexicans stink like nasty, filthy, soured asshole! Mexicaca should be their nationality as their whole history is full of caca, and have contributed absolutely nothing to better humankind, except to become a burden to all others on this planet.

      • Alwin

        Here in the Netherlands (or, actually, all over Europe) we have the same problem with Muslems…

      • matthew

        You know what fuck all yuall racist mutherfucken dick suckers .all of yuall say to send mexicans back to there country just because we work harder than yual . ..and saying that mexicans smell bad?? The fuck . I mean mabey there are some that do smell bad but mostly all smell normal (like perfume or llaundry detergent ) but at least not most of us are smelling like fucken tabbaco or shit like that. Fucken grow up fr . Get a fucken life.

  7. billy williams

    Really?-From what I’ve read on other stories & blogs about tipping & dining out is that it’s typically the Mexicans who tip the best,with blacks tipping the worst & whites in between.-Weird!

    • admin

      Maybe it has something to do with the environment? Maybe Hispanics lose their minds and manners when they see boobs?

    • TannerBoyle

      The only people who are saying that Mexicans are great tippers are the Mexicans themselves.

      And, they’re speaking Spanish, so nobody knows what the fuck they’re saying anyways…


    • Billy, you need to keep reading because I live by the border as well, and most of them tip like shit and run you like a mule. I posted that on several blogs on here.

      The whole “Cool Water” is spot on.

      I have to laugh, but not really because they tip you like they do in Mexico. Waiters are looked at as “less than” in Mexico (they don’t get tipped) and the mentality is def bleeding over to our side of the border (in more ways than this).

  8. Eric

    what if the hispanic person is white? I work with white mexicans and there desceant people. so are the mestizos but the native indian ones are rude,smelly,ghetto etc

      • Maru

        Hispanic is not a race,the word hispanic refers to all spanish speaking people from both continents (Europe or America) that they can be any race and sometimes besides the language have little or nothing in common, Most of the ‘hispanic’ here in the USA are from mexico wich means that are mostly mestizo or natives but there is and smaller percentage of white ,if they are from Puerto Rico they are mostly Mulattos ,if they are from Dominican Republic are mostly Black or mulattos but in countries like Argentina or Uruguay people is mostly white with an smaller percentage of mestizos

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