Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People.

A longtime server, working in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinoisfavicons?domain=www.zagat Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People., chimes in with his experience in the service industry.

It will never end! Black people come in, ask 30 questions, complain about everything they order! They mumblefavicons?domain=answers.yahoo Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People. and make huge messes as if they’re toddlers. Then after spending $50 they may leave $5 if your luckyfavicons?domain=www.topix Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People.! I dread everytime I black person is sat in my section. I am at he point where I ignore them, give them crap service and just hurry them out. I make more off a lone, non-black, diner than a table of 9 black people. I am serious about leaving the industry or working in a place that doesn’t serve ribs, chicken or lemonade! They are ignorant and a waste of my time. That is why Popeye’sfavicons?domain=christwire Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People. and KFCfavicons?domain=www.youtube Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People. exist. GO THERE!!!! I can’t stand them anymore! If expeting a proper tip makes me a racistfavicons?domain=www.ocregister Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People. then get me a white hood!

Personally, I would recommend this server to get out of the industry. It seems like he is harboring a lot of hatred which is probably degenerating his quality of life.

a practical guide to racism book 640x122 Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People.favicons?domain=www.amazon Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People.

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4 Responses to “Waiter Hates Waiting On Black People.”

  1. waitress_in_GA says:

    I’m a fifteen year old and I’m a young lady who is yes of course black. I have a boyfriend who is white and very sweet. He teaches me alot of things since we have been together like expressing myself and showing my true colors. I love him dearly and he loves me back. But we have our tough times. We get stared at and sometimes called names when we are seen together. And it is so cruel. I sometimes cry because it really isn’t fair because people have a right to love who they want. Right? So why can’t we? What is wrong with the world? And now me and him are contemplating on if we should keep our relationship on the down low.

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  2. blackbarbie says:

    at least you are white and can get a job at a place with better clientele (duh) ….remember there are white n*****s and black n*****s….I have waited on rednecks equally annoying.

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  3. Cassondra says:

    Worked at a famous Dave’s in a big city for five years. Lol.

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  4. workingfortipssuxunlessurfrombouldercolorado says:

    i agree 100% with op except ignoring them. its like if someone said they are gonna shoot you 100% sure….you would try to stop it since u have no choice anyway. hence, blacks are a nuisance but they will always be but dont lower yourself to a nig. treat them great and if/when u get stiffed, remember.then get your vengence next time they think its ok to screw service workers. i almost love habitual stiffers as much as habitual great tippers. great satisfaction from both

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