Applebees Ghetto Sign

Applebee’s Server Is Classist, NOT Racist.

Here’s a story that will make all servers say, “Damn. I’ve definitely had that table before.” It’s sad but it’s true. Take it from someone (me) who used to wait tables at Applebee’s. I quit within 2 months. It was my first server job. I walked right into an “All you can eat” promotion. Before we even get to this girl’s story, let’s give you a peek at what she’s talking about. You just can’t make this shit up.

I work at an I have been raised not to be racist, and I am not [racist]. Everyone gets an equal shot with me. My tables are no exception. I however call myself a “classist”. Meaning if you can conduct yourself with CLASS, we’re ok. If you don’t know how to act in public and you treat me like your and you’re loud, rude and obnoxious we are not ok. At Applebees we do not have a very classy We get regular folks but we also have an influx of white trash and ghetto. I dislike both but I cannot STAND the ghetto. White trash is just not going to tip. Ghetto is going to do something like this:

I had a table not to long ago that was comprised of a mother a grandmother and a teenage boy. I greeted this table like I always do.
“Hi guys! Welcome to…”
“Wata NO ice!” ( mother)
“Applebee’s. My name is…”
” Wata LIGHT ice” (grandmother)
“jill I’ll be taking care of you today.”
“I’ll have a water please. nothing special about it” (teenage boy)
I brought them all their waters and asked if they were ready. They said they were. THEY WERE NOT! 5 minutes later they were still debating on boneless wings or spinach dip as an appetizer. ( and would not let me leave “We ready. we ready hol’ up”) I finally got their order and brought their appitizer to them. It went something like this.
“DO this LOOOK like enough ranch fo’ me?” ( mother)
“I NEED MO NAPKINS” ( Grandmother)
“that you ma’am” (teenage boy)
As I’m walking away to get their gallon of ranch and mountains of napkins I hear the mother say to the boy “PLEASE? THANK YOU? WHy you cheesin’ so hard you like her or somethin’?”
” I’m just being nice mama”
“WHY? SHE JUST A WAITRESS?” ( grandmother.)

It is stories like that one that make me shake my head in disgust. Or perhaps this one. A “ghetto Bachelorette at Applebees”
Just this weekend I had a party of 20. A bacherloreete party. One of the girls asked for grey goose and cranberry. I brought it to her in a tall frosted glass. She said ” what the F*** is this?” I explained it was the drink she ordered. She replied ” I dont want this much cranberry.” So I told her I’d have the bar tender make another one. She said ” ok. you gonna take this one?” I said I had to. She rolled her eyes at me. I brought her another one this time with less juice in a rocks glass. She looked at me smacked her lips and said ” I ask fo’ less juice and you give me a smaller glass? what the hell is up wit dat?” I explained to her that as she had less juice there was less to drink and less to fill up the cup. She said ” I KNOW DAT!Dats messed up just cuz I want less juice u give me less to drank. I wanted mo’ liqua” I explained that she already had a double shot in the glass and that was as much as I’m legally allowed to give her at once by law. she said “Anyway” and went back to her conversation.
At the end of the meal I was comming back to clear their plates as they were getting up to leave. She threw her two cents ($0.02) on the table and said “Dats what I think of that BIIIITCH”

It’s no wonder servers get a negative opinion of black people. Not all black people act this way but a lot of them do. I have NEVER had a white table act like this. Sure I have had white tables stiff me or undertip me but they have not once ever acted this way to me. I have had many many black tables act this way. Why is this?

It took me approximately 10 seconds to find the following video titled: “Black People & $2 Drinks | Applebee’s Friday Night”


  1. Tony

    I worked as a bartender and a server for years in NYC I’m black and young (23) just to give background. I want to be treated like an equal everywhere I go but unfortunately I have to be subject to judgment because of behaviour that ARENT EXAGGERATED IN THE POST. I’m sorry. I’ve had really condescending and racist tables and bar guests from white, Hispanic to Indian. To the point where I refused service because of how demanding they where. But for some reason my own people are the most difficult in restaurants. Like why are you talking to me like I’m your child. Or like you try a pop off…The real reason behind the cup being in a rocks glass is because the liquor is measured and recorded. For a extra shot the server has no choice but to charge you because otherwise they(and the bartender) are stealing liqour. I’m not risking my Livelihood on the $5. I hate being the black guy walking into a place that nobody wants to serve me because of preconceived notions. But I’m also the guy who serves the people that confirm those preconceived notions and it forces me to over tip n say things like “take your time I’m not n a rush” or ask if they are in the weeds so we get a server/bartender bond going or else I’m getting shitty service n i still got a leave a decent tip or else I just confirmed what that been thing all along. It’s not right and it’s offensive how restaurants handle its African American clientele at times but I can’t honestly say I don’t understand why….

  2. ThisMakesMeSick

    My son is a host at Applebee’s. we are from a small rural area in Texas. I am black and my son is mixed. After I make a call to corporate about what has been going on there he won’t be associated with Applebee’s anymore. My son doesn’t look black, most think he is Hispanic. When he started he was told that “Canadians” the term they use for blacks can only be seated in certain sections because certain servers won’t serve them. My son said to them “you know I’m black” they just gave him a look. My son who is 16, sat a group of blacks at one of the tables and got yelled at by a server because they don’t like to serve blacks. This sickens me, I have always been a great tipper. You give great service you get a great tip. You ignore me, you will only get the bare minimum. All of you profilers need to realize, just because a person us black doesn’t mean they don’t tip. If you give crappy service expect a crappy tip. Now I know there are some people who are obnoxious and rude but that’s in every race. Another thing, Applebee’s has failed to pay my son properly. For some reason his tip outs are missing or considerably lower than the others. I will not go back to eat at Applebee’s again. Any place that supports this behavior should be shut down. By the way, my son is the only person of color at this Applebee’s.

    • admin

      Good for you. You have every right to choose where you eat and what you tip.

      When a ghetto-ass table gets sat in my section, reeks of weed, has a cap barely sitting on his head (with shiny decals), then doesn’t acknowledge me when I introduce myself, I have the right to be upset about it. I still give excellent service, but I can bet I’m going to get a shitty tip. Regardless of my personal thought, feelings and experiences, I can still give a customer great service. This is also true with “regulars”.

      Many of the “regulars” who come in to eat are white. They regularly leave terrible tips all while demanding special treatment. I hate these people but they keep coming back because I give them proper service.

      I’m sorry it’s so difficult to understand that certain types of people, based on looks then the initial interaction, are likely to leave shitty tips, be difficult, try to get free food, etc. etc. It’s all in the numbers.

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