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The Worst Shift Ever. Now I’m Unemployed.

Here’s a story from Pamela, a server in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently, she just had a nightmare of a shift that pretty much includes every topic ever discussed on this site. A shit snowball just tumbled down a mile-high hill and landed right on top of her.

As I cozy up to this delicious BOTTLE of wine, I thought I would log in an finally share one of my stories. This JUST happened. I’m literally on 30 minutes removed from my hellhole of a workplace. Everything that could have gone wrong tonight certainly went wrong. Excuse me if my grammar, spelling and punctuation is perfect, after all, I’m but a stupid server. (Truth is, I’m working on my masters in Finance (Financial Economics)

Okay. So I’m a 25 year old female. I’m considered attractive with a fun personality. I’m that stereotypical waitress restaurants wish they could fill their “house” with. I’ve been at the same restaurant for a little over 2 years. I’ve been a shift leader for the past year and have NEVER so much as been late to a shift, let alone missed one. So, how am I repaid for my services? I’m repaid by being backed into a corner and forced to stand up for myself, thus, losing my job. Here’s how it went down.

This past month has been hell. We have a new promotion and 2 new managers. The promotion involves something this restaurant has never done before, providing unlimited servings of one of our appetizers. This has led to a lot of “riff-raff” coming in that usually wouldn’t visit the restaurant. The two new managers are the softest, kiss the customer’s ass (regardless of the situation), run from a situation, get nothing done sacks of shit I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Put these two factors in combination with this table of trash I got, and there lies an equation that totaled trash to get $100+ in free food and alcohol, as well as my termination.

In detail:

  • Table seats themselves. Mixed couple with two children and what I’m guessing was a teenage nephew. Fat black man, fat white woman, loud, obnoxious children and completely inappropriate teenage nephew.
  • Initial demand was “Hey girl. Go get us some dranks.” WTF is a drank? I politely asked the man what they would like to drink. This is when the table ordered 2 – kid Sprites. 1 – Lemonade. 2 – Gin and Orange Juice. Okay, so I was supposed to know that “dranks” meant those 5 drinks? Okay.
  • As I walk back to the table, drinks in hand (on tray), a fellow server alerts me that the table has moved but they “still want that white girl to get stuff for us”. Wow.
  • As I set the drinks down, the teenage boy makes a comment along the lines of “Lemme hit dat, ma.” Okay, wait what? I just smile and ask them if they’re ready to order.
  • After hearing the man and woman bitch about how we don’t have free “breads”, they finally order. Of coarse, they order one of our new specials (it’s an unlimited appetizer that can’t be shared. Says so on the menu), 2 kids meals of the fried variety and 3 entrees. I knew they were about to start splitting up this unlimited appetizer which was going to be an uncomfortable conversation. At this point, I alert my manager of the situation. He tells me just “let them have it”. Wow. This isn’t going to turn out well.
  • I drop off the appetizer and they ask for extra plates. If my manager doesn’t care, I don’t. Oh, wait, I do care. I’m about to run 7 more servings of this appetizer. Yup, they don’t have to abide by any rules. This table just at 8 total servings of the appetizer.
  • during the time where I’m bringing out more and more of our special, the entrees come out. After 5 minutes of no one touching the entrees, I ask if there is a problem. The man and woman start laughing before telling me they “don’t want that”. Yep, they’re filling up on the appetizer special while $75 of food they ordered just dies on the table.
  • When I tried to remove the plates of entrees from the table, the woman grabs my hand and says “uh. uh. go get the manager.” I am so close to losing it at this point. I’ve been talked to like trash, bossed around, demeaned, laughed at and now grabbed.
  • After the manager visits the table, he walks up to me and tells me to get 5 to-go boxes. Yep. He just gave these animals all those entrees, for free.
  • After refilling their drinks for what seemed like the thousandth time, I finally get to deliver the check.

As I drop off the check, I’m still being laughed at, and with good reason. These people just got all that food and drinks for a grand total of………..$0.00! Yup, you read that right. My manager gave them everything for free. For little more than acting like complete assholes, this family just ate for free while getting a “white girl” to get everything for them.

At this point, I’m curious to see if they’re going to give me a tip. I swallowed my pride (which tasted like my soul) and apologized for any inconveniences they had while dining with “us”. I informed them that everything was comp’d and that I hope they have a great night.

The table walked out laughing. My tip? They put a Splenda packet in the book.

I calmly took off my apron, calculated what I owed the house, handed the money I owed to the douchebag manager then walked over to the bar. I poured myself a draft beer, took my time drinking it (manager was just staring, in awe) then walked out.


  1. twotoejoe

    That’s what makes it so damn hard for a restaurant to make it by doing it the ‘right’ way these days. All of the big chains teach their managers to bend over and kiss the asses of every customer, even if they are dead wrong. Then these customers expect that (free stuff) from EVERY restaurant. We are an independently owned franchise of a very small chain here in Georgia also. We’ve experienced the same kind of customers; but they don’t expect to be confronted by the actual owner of the restaurant when they try to pull crap like that. Our owners won’t allow it and stand behind us. We even have a list of ex customers who have been banned for such behavior. I just guess some of these so called ‘managers’ think it is easier to give away food than to do what is right and stand behind their servers.

  2. ChaseHanley

    I waited tables for 3 months. That’s all it took for me to realize there’s other jobs out there. Waiting tables is not a job, it’s considered slavery. Nobody should have to put up with attitudes like that. The customers you served were clearly not able to be in the real world with other human beings and should just stay home and eat their own regurgitated meals.

    What gets me more than shitty customers are shitty servers that expect a big tip for doing hardly anything. I’m not implying you (just making a statement about what I hear on both ends) and I applaud you for quitting the industry. But for God’s sake, quit! There are other and better ways to make money to pay for expenses. The stress and humiliation is not worth it.

    • admin

      Well, what you’re saying is not necessarily true. I know at the place I started working at, our “Shift Leaders” make triple our hourly wage (minimum wage, maybe a little more), clock in more hours, get the best section and don’t have to do side work. Believe me, if you’re locking up those shift on the regular, you’re making some pretty damn good money.

      • TannerBoyle

        Yeah…anybody who thinks that all servers make shit obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

        There IS money to be made in this game–quite a bit of it, if you’re in the right spot and know what you’re doing. After ten years in big city law enforcement, I took home only about $140 a day…and in the Service Industry (waiting tables and/or tending bar) that’s a mediocre shift, depending on what time of the year it is.

        Of course, that also means that you’re working in the right place, with the right kind of customers. If you’re working a gig that has a large black clientele, you’re not going to make as much. When I worked jobs that had a majority White/Latino clientele, I could count on taking home somewhere between 15 and 20% of my sales every night after the tip-out. Now that I’m working a job that has a large black contingent, forget about it.

    • admin

      Agreed. In this day and age, she might have gotten assaulted, or worse. It’s really hard to pull off those epic flip-out-I-quit like you see on tv and in movies.

      Also, props on the clownbaby name. Always Sunny is one of my favorite shows.

  3. Broman

    I only wish you would have stood up for yourself sooner. Why’d you wait till they left? You should have told them you weren’t taking their new table when they moved. In fact, you weren’t going to be talked to like that from the punk newphew.

    Its time to start standing up for yourself people! Don’t wait to throw in the towel after creeps are gone. Stand up to them because you have rights too. Just because you’re a server does not give punks the right to mistreat you in these (multiple) ways.

    Whats wrong with that Manager? He is an idiot, as well. But bottom line is, don’t worry. Those douche bag customers you had tonight? They hate themselves and their laughter is only a cover for their inferiority complex — probably from knowing full well they are douch bags.

    Sorry that happened. But remember — stand up for yourself early. Demand respect from the get go. Put your foot down because the law and civility are on your side. Not the douch bags side! They are rotting in their pathetic little douch bag home right now, recalling what douch bags they are!

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