Karaoke Nightmare

An anonymous reader submitted a story about restaurant managers and how they can have a complete lack of common sense. I’m almost certain some of the threats and actions of restaurant managers are completely illegal. Read about this server’s weekly shit-show and tell me if you think this is just.

I work at a chain restaurant located in a business district that seems to draw the most ignorant, ghetto type of people. 200w" sizes="(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px" />There are definitely a lot of nice families that come in, but about twenty percent of our guests are just ghetto, broke, non tipping, pain in the ass triflin’ motherf…s.

Our district manager deems it reasonable to cater specifically to these people by having a “Karaoke Night” once a week where we have way too cheap drinks and beers + 1/2 off apps all night with dimmed out lights, and a DJ blasting Lil Wayne and Gucci and whomever else.  It is standing room only…almost impossible to run food, drinks etc. It turns into “da club”. Some of these people show up an hour or so early (it starts at 9) with large parties…and we DON’T have gratuity!

Nobody tips (obviously), and the ones that do are at your table (or standing in your general area) all night long and will leave between $1-$5 gratuity.

There are, needless to say, a lot of walkouts. Recently our managers have started threatening to force us to pay 1/2 of all walkouts or face write ups!!!

I understand being written up for excessive walkouts but this is ludicrous. They literally turn off the lights and BLAST the music while we’re way over capacity. I signed up to work at a family restaurant, not a goddamn ghetto ass club.

Not only does this sound like the worst idea ever (at least for the staff) but I don’t think your manager can legally fire you for walkouts. How does your manager lack this much common sense. I think you need to do one of two things. If you like where you work, just not on karaoke days, adjust your availability so that you never work that shift. If you think there are greener pastures out there, put in your two weeks and report what’s going on there to the labor board.


  1. ally

    If you wanna go out and “chill” go to McDdonalds and serve yourslef. Servers dont wait on you for their health. We do it bc we need money. Its our job. How would you like it if one day uour boss came up to you and said, ” i know you worked 40 hrs this week but Im only paying you for 30 hrs.” ?? Thats what happening when u dont tip a server. We dont get paychecks. If so theres like 20 bucks on there. Plus when u go to a sit down restaurant you pay for the service thats the point of it. Also, no matter what you order goes towards the servers sales and they have to tip out the host, bartender, bus boys, etc based on their sales! So when you dont tip the money they tip out at the end of the night comes out of their pocket!!! People like you disgust me.

    • Alwin

      Ally, stop your rediculous complaining. You ask how he would feel when his boss told him he’s not getting paid but you actually put up with this bullshit yourself. Not the guest but the one you actually WORK for needs to pay you. As long as waiters agree to work for free and accept tip-out (thus sometimes leaving them with LESS money than when they came in for their shift) this will not stop. Complaining about bad tipping is just stupid. Find a job with a steady income or talk to the owner about your paycheck. Tips “should” be extra. Always.
      So stop whining and do something about it or accept it and shut up.

      And yes I have worked in the service industry myself (actually still am since I’m a mobile phone mechanic and trust me, I get all kinds of shit and abuse poured over me all freaking day long – but I choose to work this job) but I would never accept to work for free. As you said, this is my job. I need to pay bills. But at least here in the Netherlands employers get this.

  2. alyx

    So you hate where you work? Why not quit and work someplace else? If you are decent you will be picked up in a flash, but I’m guessing the reason you are continuing to work in this god awful place is because you suck at your job and no one else will take you…

    Also, calling people ‘broke’ for not tipping?? They can afford to go out and chill, you are crying over tips, who is the broke on here?

    • lauren

      Do you just troll on sites like these because you have a problem with servers? Or are you just too ignorant to see what they have to put up with every day?

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