Stupid Teenage Girl

What The Hell Is Wrong With Teenage White Girls?

Seriously, what is wrong with the current generation of preteen and teenage white girls? Have they always been this annoying or am I just getting old and really grumpy? Sure, I hate to wait on a table full of “ghetto people” or “white trash” types, but damn it if teen girls don’t annoy the living hell out of me.

Top Reasons Why Waiting On Teenage Girls Make Me Want To Stab Out My Eyeballs and Stick a Wine Key Into My Ears:

  • You Giggle and Laugh About Everything. Seriously, what is so funny?
  • You Screech. I know, for some reason, girls love to yell and scream, but why the hell do you think it’s okay to do this in a restaurant?
  • You Act Like Spoiled Bitches. It must be all this crap “reality” tv your parents let you watch that make you think you’re somehow superior to anyone and everyone and that you’re entitled to things. You’re a kid. You’ve earned nothing. The only way you’d be “better than someone” is if you didn’t act like such a retard in public. Then you’d be better than the current you, who acts like a retard in public.
  • You Whisper Right In Front Of People. That shit is annoying, uncalled for and you need to stop doing it. You’re a rude human being.

My heart goes out to parents who actually give a shit about their daughters growing up with some kind of manners and respect for others. Also, I’d like to give a virtual high-five to all the parents who come in with their children and require that they conduct themselves in a civil manner.


    • admin

      I guess I’m this site and would just like to say, again, I never try to “hate” on any particular group of people without something to back it up (experience/statistics). Also, almost all the posts on here have been submitted by visitors. I publish almost everything submitted because I don’t like to censor anyone.

  1. Jean

    I’m a mother of two teenage girls. While at first I found this post offensive, I took a moment to think about the goings on in and out of my household lately.

    My daughters can, at times, be disrespectful, selfish and down right rotten. My husband and I believe in discipline and structure, but that doesn’t mean our attempts at good parenting “stick” when they’re with their highly influential peers.

    I guess I’m saying children can be raised “right” but still be selfish annoying brats when they’re out of their parents sight.

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