Am I a “stoner” and didn’t know it?

Desiree, a cocktail in Dallas, TX, shares with us a story about how a table of cheap left her a snide little note…..along with a terrible tip. Guests, don’t be jerks to your waiters and waitresses. This seems like it really made Desiree feel like trash. She, like many others in the industry, is busting her hump to provide good service to you. It’s hard enough for people with “normal” jobs to take off of, let alone being a server and trying to take a day off because you’re 200w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" />I’ve been sick, on antibiotics, slightly run down at work but not totally dropping the ball. At worst,, for this particular table, I may have been a little slow. So, on top of my .96 cent tip on their $34 tab, I got a nice note…

“A stoner knows a stoner…but it’s all gravy.”

Gravy? I don’t even know what that means. I am a single mother of 2, busting my ass staying straight, and I have to put up with this from immature, narrow minded college kids (probably dad’s credit card). Really? We are not all partying low lifes. Some of us do this to make a living. The worst part is, I couldn’t even have a drink when I got off…I’M ON!!!

Restaurant patrons, if you’re ever waited on by a server who seems sick, ask for the manager. When your manager gets tot he table, tell him or you you don’t feel safe, health-wise, being waited on by someone who’s clearly under the weather. Then, go ahead and ask the manager why he or she doesn’t let servers call in, or go home, if they’re legitimately sick.

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