black people dont tip

It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.

I swear. When I first started waiting tables, I heard about how black people don’t tip. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have waited tables at three different restaurants in the past few years and it’s the same at each place. Black people don’t tip.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black or any other color, you’re most likely not getting a good tip. most often, I see $1 per person. If it’s a 4 top and the bill is $100, the tip will be $4. That’s accurate unless two of the people are children, then you’re getting $2 tip.

Because I give everyone a fair chance, this still hurts every time. Sometimes the table will be as sweet as can be, then tipped me the standard $1/person. I don’t see how something is racist if it’s true. Ask black people who wait tables. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know this to be true as well.

I’d just like to know why black people don’t tip. If you’re black, and you don’t tip, why not leave a comment on here.

P.S. I like The site.
P.P.S. This happened as recently as yesterday. We have an all you can eat rib special….the worst promotion ever. I will run back and forth for a table, refilling sweet tea and lemonade for an hour, even 2, as well as running plates of food, extra napkins, and dirty dishes, and still get no tip or a $1/person.

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1,822 Responses to “It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.”

  1. rick says:

    I have been tracking my stiffs for the month of July. So far 10 out of 10 are from black people.
    Sadly, this is something that my black coworkers complain about too. They would rather just deliver to everyone else because everyone else tips! Asians, hispanics, whites, etc. Not tipping is a black thing.

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  2. nzz says:

    wow, I would pull the classic, “Geez, I’m sorry, you obviously this 2.50$ more than I do.” especially if they are well dressed, black people are super paranoid about being taken seriously, more so if they actually made some money. .15 is status quo, .10 is shitty service, .20 is good service and you only ever skip the tip if they make a serious faux pas like asking for your plate or becoming surly. and yea, unless its a chili’s or something u are not getting tipped if you try to get me to hand you dirty dishes.

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  3. Joseph says:

    I have to say, I’m surprised when a black person tips. Probably 98% do not. I hate to write that, but it’s true. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but when I don’t get a tip from black customers I am not surprised. I almost expect it.

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  4. Mr. Harlem says:

    I’m a middle-aged black male who used to spend a lot of time in restaurants and nightclubs. Unfortunately, illness has curtailed my social life. But when I WAS out and about, I often noticed that it took waiters or waitresses an inordinate amount of time to get to my table even when the room appeared to be less than half-full. Was I being made to pay for all those “non-tipping blacks” I’ve been reading about on this site? And I could never figure out the surprised looks I sometimes got after leaving a tip. Once, I was with a lady, and the bill came to $50 and change. I paid cash and tipped $20. As my date and I headed for the door, the waitress ran up and asked me , “Are you SURE about the tip?” I laughed and said “Sure, I’m sure.” I didn’t realize I was doing something extraordinary, at least in her eyes.

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  5. Theresa says:

    Old people don’t tip. Black people don’t tip. Poor people don’t tip. Stop with the generalizations. Tipping is optional and if you feel strongly enough to start what is going to obviously be a racist internet discussion about it, maybe you should go get a job in an all-white neighbourhood like the colour of your skin would allow you to. In fact, maybe black people would prefer to be served by someone else. I certainly would.

    You are wealthy enough to have access to the Internet, so maybe do some reading that will put your great big problems in perspective:

    Or maybe just watch Crash as a start:

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  6. Truth says:

    Expecting african apes to perform and behave in any modern civilized society is simply ridiculous. Why does everyone expect n1ggers to live and act as evolved human beings? Are you all just not paying attention or something?

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  7. Jrebel79 says:

    Fucking coons & niggers. Go beck to afreca and eat a zebra or a leon. Ha, you niggers think you can do whetever you want and order like slaviry just ended. Go drink suger water with your homez in tha hood you niggers

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  8. sarah says:

    Fuck you Roland . Get fucked Roland. If you don’t want to be stereotyped….don’t act the stereotype. I go to work everyday and work hard..never ..never disrespected my tables. It is them who disrespect me. If you can’t afford to go out to eat…out..DON’T.! I’m already paying for your food stamps. Stop taking food from my table when I put it on yours you pieces of shit.#dontblamemeforslaverydontenslavemehippocrites

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  9. Sean says:

    To the author of this post. When it comes to getting food delivered, I like your sense of determination, but if you blow a red light and get a $140 ticket that is no ones fault but your own. There are a lot of douche bags and shitty tippers, race, age, and level of social education usually plays into it. You have to just roll with the punches as this is the job you chose. There are other none tipped jobs if you would like to get one. As for stereotypes they are not in existence if they were not true on a more than 50% of the time. Being a Jew and Gay (white also) I know that Jews are cheep and that is why I try to make up for that and Tip over 20%. I also have worked in the service industry for over 15 years and have done every position possible, FOH and BOH. Additionally I am a GM of a restaurant/bar. When you work in the hospitality industry you have to treat all people the same, as you learn about these stereotypes you can adjust your service. For example, most black people always want everything overcooked, on the side and probably something not on the menu; OK, so what’s the big deal just get the job done and move on. If you already anticipate it then just go with it. Jews need everything Togo possibly including everything that was on the table, they may even take the salt and pepper shakers. Teenagers are just plane annoying and can’t ever figure out a bill. I personally thing that large groups of women are the worst. They are always worried about what is in everything, they want everything on the side and separate checks; why can’t you ladies just pay like other tables. This all being said = one thing, we all suck from time to time and every race and group has a stereotype because its more than likely true. The only way to break the stereotype of to be a rebel yourself and don’t do all those things, unless you just don’t give a crap, which is OK too. Because at the end of the day all people suck!

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  10. Q says:

    Women don’t tip also. Especially if they are attracitve.
    I am a bell person who works at a hotel in downtown Chicago. You can stand in zero below degree weather for 15 minutes to get them a taxi while they are nice and warm inside the hotel and instead of getting a dollar or two you get a ear full of “Thank you sooooo much.” “Oh my god your’e the best.”

    Or you bring down seven huge bags from their room to store it and you get two dollars from a blonde followed by . “That one is soooo heavy.” and
    “Thank ya!”

    What I find funny is that i’ve known women servers who complain that black people don’t tip but when they go out they don’t tip also.

    I’ve worked in the service industry for 11 years and to be honest normally the white males in their mid thirties to mid fifties tip decent, or well. Well that of course is my opinion.

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  11. JohnK says:

    One of my best friend was a server at a local restaurant in my town. He refused to served blacks because they never tip. He even told the owner and the owner was fine with it. He ended up making close to $9,000 dollars more that year by serving whites and Asians only. He tells me the funniest story about how black people leave coupons as tips. How they eat 75% percent of the food then complain. He even saw black people get up and walk from tables to tables and steal server’s tip money. To all the servers’ out there, don’t worry I always leave a big tip. Now that I think about it, the minimal is 25 percent. Just get me drunk out of my mind and I’ll more then like leave a 66 percent tip. My tab is 250 dollars on average when I drink on weekends hahah

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  12. aleX says:

    I’m black and I used to tip to fight the stereotype before. Then after a while a realized how many servers dont give you the benefit of the doubt and how most servers believe that blacks dont tip. So I stopped tipping. I already get treated like I wont and get crappy service, so I leave a crappy tip. Honestly, it’s really nice when you’re outside of the US and restaurants pay their workers an actual salary instead of poverty wages + weird charity. I hate tipping because it’s always a damn issue and it’s not worth it. Weirdly enough, my sister is a server, also black and she gets less tips than her white co-workers. The only way to win in America is to just not be black.

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    • Mac says:

      You are one stupid SOB – in the end, you’re just another black that doesn’t tip.

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