1. Allan

    I have been a server for many years and I’ve come to this conclusion as sad as it is to say. I believe that black people do not tip for one of these two reasons 1) They are mad about being slaves still and repay by not tipping. 2) So many are so used to collecting welate checks and sucking off the rest of society they do not know how to give…. only know how to take. I am not racist but I believe this to be true. Some black people do tip but like others said as a group they do not. Other people aren’t going to speak the truth so I’ll be the asshole who does speak the truth. Once again sorry.

  2. heywood

    Niggers are just cheap fucking pigs. All they do is take, from everyone. I had a black friend that was a drug dealer. He made 150 thousand a year. Anytime we went out to eat, he always picked up the tab. But the tip was like 5 percent. So every time I just slipped the waiter or waitress (for all you pc pussies out there.) a little something extra. This asshole still collected welfare as well. He had 3 cars and 4 houses. # were rentals, section 8 of course which he filled with his friends that were fiends.

  3. Realist

    Blacks don’t tip because tipping is expression of appreciation for the server’s work. Blacks get everything for free from the gubmit so they have no appreciation for work.

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