1. NoTips4You

    It might be a black thing in the States, but I stopped tipping after moving abroad–it had nothing to do with my race. Before that I worked as a server and tipped 25%+… like an idiot. In Europe and Asia and pretty much every where else in the world, there is transparency in what you purchase, and frankly the standard of living is far higher for everyone because employees are paid liveable wages. Tip culture is just a way for businesses to exploit lower income employees, and Americans who support it are just as culpable for taking advantage of unskilled labourers. This faux altruism that business have conned the general American public into thinking is disgusting. Your 20% at a cheap TGIF-esque restaurant isn’t going to pay anyone’s bills, so stop thinking that you’re making a difference. We need to abolish tipping entirely and pay up front the cost of food AND service–if this is what dining out involves.

    The onus is not on me to see that some business’ employees get paid–that is the cost of business. If those costs need to be transferred to me–then so be it, add them to the price and let me make an informed decision on whether or not I am willing to pay that price.

    Don’t sell me a $10.00 lunch “deal” that is actually $15+ after taxes and tips. Sell me a $15 lunch.

    • admin

      And until there’s said transparency, respect the culture. In the US, there’s a tipping culture. It’s really that simple.

      “When in Rome..”

  2. tom

    People who don’t tip just need to get more money here’s how get my two pages mailed to you and you will see what grandizer cash methods will do the best part you don’t need to read a book just two pages and a library computer not linked to you
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  3. Rosie24

    Found this website after my 7th grade daughter was invited to a party by one of her sort of newish friends at school who happens to be black. Restaurant listed on invite was Olive Garden, which my daughter likes, a lot. I thought “Wow, how nice for the parent(s) to host a party at Olive Garden.” Got a text from mom concerning drop-off time after I RSVP’d yes and she texted back that my daughter would just need money to cover the cost of dinner. WT? Ok, so fine, daughter really wants to go so even though she’ll be paying for her own dinner, I think at least mom will cover the movie that they will be seeing afterwards and maybe treats. So I pick daughter up and ask her about the night. Daughter paid for dinner AND the movie (no treats by mom), plus I sent her to the house with a $25 gift card for this so called “birthday party”. Really? If you can’t treat your guests to an actual party, please don’t have one, or at least have pizza and cake at home with a Netflix movie. Whole thing is so weird to me AND expensive. $60 to celebrate somebody’s birthday that she barely knows. Different from the tipping issue, but definitely falls under the “cheap and need not eat out because of said cheapness” category. At least she didn’t have to chip in and pay for the mini-cupcakes too! Is this normal for birthday parties in African-American circles? Don’t want her to go to another one of it is the usual and customary way. And I was a server years ago and can clearly remember being at the short end of the tipping stick when it came to the AA customers, but even worse were when the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) came to town. Yikes that was bad!

    • admin

      this trend continues through adulthood. friend gets knocked up? come to party. give me gifts……from a registry. friend gets married? come to shower/party. bring me presents….from a registry. fuck all that noise.

  4. Mrio

    I agree with you ! Black people don’t tip , like 90% of them , I work at Japanese habachi restaurant , and in there we have to pay for the chef who cooks 7.2 % from the ticket (from the sale), like example if the bill was $100 and people tipped you $20 on $100 the shef will take $7.2 that means $20 minus 7.2= $12.8 so I got 12.8 after tipping the shef, but the problem here when mean black people came and they tipped you zero on $100 I have to pay for the shef $7.2 from my pocket , and we can’t add gratuity at all, so black people some time make us loose money because of their rudeness , they choose the most expensive meal in the menu they ask 100 hundred questions they don’t like anything always mean don’t smile they ask for 10 white sauce to go and in the end they give you $0 top or $ 1 or 2 , actually although there are a many black people came to the restaurant , but I make good money because of the nice white people who tip really good, I remember last time 12 black people came and the bill was $300 and they tipped me $0 and I had to pay for the shef $21 from my pocket , they were so picky and rude they talked so loud and they were so disrespectful,I am not racist but really their attitude made us hate them. I wish that we can add gratuity but we can’t . Really why don’t black people tip ?!

    • Kim

      I’ve also waited tables and have friends who are servers now…and it’s same thing. Even my black friends who wait tables get stiffed by other blacks! It’s crazy! And if our family tallied up a $300 bill the least amount we’d leave is 20%. Just because there’d probably be 6 – 8 of us and it’s a pain in the butt to handle all that food, questions about entree’s and the like. So you would have walked out with probably over $40 after tipping the chef. Sorry they crapped all over you like that! Soon maybe your state will quit the tipping thing and go with salaries all around. :)

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