black people dont tip

It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.

I swear. When I first started waiting tables, I heard about how black people don’t tip. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have waited tables at three different restaurants in the past few years and it’s the same at each place. Black people don’t tip.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black or any other color, you’re most likely not getting a good tip. most often, I see $1 per person. If it’s a 4 top and the bill is $100, the tip will be $4. That’s accurate unless two of the people are children, then you’re getting $2 tip.

Because I give everyone a fair chance, this still hurts every time. Sometimes the table will be as sweet as can be, then tipped me the standard $1/person. I don’t see how something is racist if it’s true. Ask black people who wait tables. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know this to be true as well.

I’d just like to know why black people don’t tip. If you’re black, and you don’t tip, why not leave a comment on here.

P.S. I like The site.
P.P.S. This happened as recently as yesterday. We have an all you can eat rib special….the worst promotion ever. I will run back and forth for a table, refilling sweet tea and lemonade for an hour, even 2, as well as running plates of food, extra napkins, and dirty dishes, and still get no tip or a $1/person.

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It's just true. Black people don't tip., 8.8 out of 10 based on 411 ratings

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2,033 Responses to “It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.”

  1. Waiter says:

    What it comes down to is that tipping is an act of good faith. In other countries tips are already added to the check and the server is getting paid no matter what so they could care less if they gave good service or not, they are getting paid no matter what. In America the tip is not added. This makes it so the server must provide good service for a good tip. That’s where good faith comes in. But there are people that will screw you over just to save some money. Then they will make up every excuse for why they shouldn’t tip. To say things like “Well, you should get a better job, or go to school” is a huge cop out. You’re making excuses for being cheap and screwing people over. It shows character. It tells people that if you can get away with it, you will get away with it. Telling someone to change their job because you want to be cheap and take advantage of people is wrong. The people that want the best service and demand everything are usually the people that don’t tip. So in short, they expect you to run your ass off for them for little to nothing and then have the gaw to tell you to change you’re job!?

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  2. unbiased says:

    It’s very unfortunate that in today’s world…racism has come down to such small things. Black and whites from the past would probably get a decent laugh that tips would spark such hatred. Clearly those in the service industry (black and white) are put in a tough position when it comes to knowing how much they’ll earn each month, and how to budget around an ever changing number. My advice is this (hate on me all u want, doesn’t bother me)..Life is too short to be angry with non tippers (let’s be honest I know some cheap white dbags that I have to tip extra to make up for their ignorance)..the real problem is how the service industry is mapped out top to bottom. It’s another example of how capatilism is beneficial to the top of the hierarchy, and absolutely shitty at the bottom. It may not be right when someone doesn’t tip you, but at the end of the day, when everyone realizes that the government has their hands on our throats..PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS will NEED each other to make sure the people at the bottom keep hope alive for a better America. My point is: It’s not the people serving or being served that are at fault everytime. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s people with money that start businesses like restaurants that pay people horrible, shit wages, that they can barely live on. While the owners are God only knows where enjoying the yacht and $1000 bottles of wine that they have a glass of and pour the rest over their friend’s head while laughing. Don’t worry..those people will be the devil’s bitches one day. The devil will tattoo tits on their back and a vag on their ass and fuck em till he moves onto the next one. I’m a middle class white guy that prays somehow, one day, a much better world will get passed down to the next generations, so anger like this doesn’t consume their hearts and minds.

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  3. William bell says:

    You racists, stereotypical, ill-knowledged, ignorant fools. I can tell right now that all of you guys are some of the cancer spilling toxic like people that make this world a bad place .
    First of all, I’ve worked as a delivery driver for 4 years until I finished college at the university of south Alabama , and there were many whites that didn’t tip me, after bringing over $40 dollar orders to their door step . Second, you ignorant hypocritical fools have the audacity to bring up welfare, talking about peoples kids, and etc. You people are complaining about your fucking job get a better job know one is obligated to tip you get better job . If your depending on tips for a living . What does that say about your life, goals, and future? It’s all your fault you can do better. Finally, if black people were complaining about their tips people would say “get a better job” so you mother fuckers do the same. I bet you,guys won’t that shit to any African-American face you cowardly dogs. Maybe if your lazy, jealous, control freak ass ancestors didn’t brings us from our home place, slaughter and slave our people and cheated us on education there wouldn’t be a problem. Stop blaming others people for your fucked job . You can’t get any were in life collecting tips.

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    • Ty says:

      Tipping delivery drivers isn’t customary, tipping servers is. Don’t try to compare your jobs. You get a decent wage, and possibly even benefits depending on your company. Some servers don’t even make minimum wage. And you’re right. People working aren’t going to confront their customers for fear if losing their job, so i guess they are cowardly? Btw even some black servers on here were complaining about the tips they would get from other black people.

      By the way, are you really surprised that white people down south don’t want to top their black delivery driver?

      Oh and cheated on education? Maybe in the past. Now minorities get so many grants just for being black. I have a couple of friends that got degrees and barely had any debt because they received so many grants.

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      • admin admin says:

        I tip my delivery drivers well. They know I’m a good tipper when I call. I like to think tipping well ensures they won’t spit in my food, deliver it cold, etc.

        Also, depending on where you live, delivering food is a pretty dangerous and thankless job. The thankless part, I don’t much care about. The dangerous part, I do, and I appreciate them doing it because I have disposable income and sometimes we just don’t feel like doing more than staying in bed, watching movies all weekend. If these people didn’t sign up to deliver food, I’d actually have to get up, get dressed, get in my car and drive to get sushi rolls to go with our Netflix and PopcornTime binge-watching. It seems like every week I hear about a non-black delivery driver getting mugged, robbed and/or killed out here (Greater New Orleans).

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      • sandra says:

        Actually tipping a delivery driver is customary. Most of them pay for their own gas and get paid a shitty wage just like servers do. I am a server and I would never send a delivery driver away without a generous tip. The same goes for taxi drivers and hairdressers.

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    • kristy says:

      William obviously you are as ignorant as the niggers we speak of. I am a black woman and I work 2 jobs for tips to try to survive. I take care of my sick grandma and my grandpa and I can’t receive a better job because at 15 a man tried to rape me and in self defense I cut him and left him and in my state there was no self defense law until 4 years ago or so. I was subsequently charged as an adult sentenced to prison and now a convicted felon. So I can’t get a job where I don’t depend on tips I’ve tried. And in short your ignorant and so are the niggers I’m forced to deal with every day

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    • Josh says:

      You are completely ignorant. Any further explanation of your ignorance would be a waste of time.

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    • Josh says:

      In reference to “maybe if your ancestors [blah blah]”:
      Maybe if your culture wasn’t so stuck living with a sense of entitlement, the world would be a happier place. Maybe if your culture would chill the heck out and quit being the actual racists in the situation, things would get better. You people, yes, I said you people, try to make it seem like the way you view white people isn’t racist. You try and justify that its called “pride in your heritage”. When a white person is proud of his heritage, guess what he is? A bigot.
      And by the way, calling someone racist, is in fact an act of racism. Think about it.

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  4. Jerome says:


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  5. Freaked says:

    This is also why you now get the “Nigger Disclaimer” when you order food at restaurants. The questions like ” do you like tomatoes?” Or ” You know this include olives, mushrooms and onions?” It is because niggers cannot read the menu properly prior to ordering and of course after they have finished eating, they complain the food had this or that in it and now want the meal free. Most of these comments on this page are along the same lines, and we all know what the common denominator is: niggers.

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  6. Teddy says:

    Basically this is what happens in a restaurant. A server has around a 4 table section. If one of those 4 tables gets seated with 2+ blacks then you are screwed, unless you are smart. Because what will happen is that they run you do death. Extra sauce. Then Half Lemonades, half teas. Then shirley temples. Then any alcoholic liquor beverage is too weak. So what happens is that not only are you not making any money from them. Which should be expected. But You’re tip % from your 3 other tables is going down because of having to 100% of your attention to one table. So you miss refills. Get your timing thrown off on dealing with a table. But servers don’t worry. There is a simple solution to your problem.

    Greet them. Force them to put there food in ASAP. Usually by lying about how there is a big break in the kitchen and you are looking out for them by getting it in quick. Do not give them appetizers. Persuade them from dessert. When you put in their order go to a manager or cook and say “table A” needs their food ASAP because of a movie or they are complaining. Basically get their food to them ASAP. Take it as a loss. Make lemonade out of lemons. Get them out of there. Remember these are not customers but jerks that will take advantage of you at all costs.

    Ok so there was the “clean” approach. Now lets get into how to really deal with them. Check the waiting area and keep your tables intentionally dirty to get white people. If it’s self seat then grab people walking through the door and tell them you have the perfect table for them and you will take care of them. They immediately think they owe you one.

    So if these options have failed it’s time to get serious. The commenter before about keeping coupons in their pocket was good. If they pay in cash. Drop the higher check then have your manager discount for the coupon. Then the discount is yours. Learn to float drinks and food from table to table. Those black teenage parties that get the specialty non alcoholic drinks will now be your bread and butter. Only ring in one drink. Then float it when you do the 10 separate checks. You both know they are not going to tip. So this way you make 2.50 off of 9 people.

    I don’t care if you are racist or black yourself. I’m giving you the groundwork for how to make money. I worked at a fairly popular chain store and made a 1,000 a week. Where the avg meal was only 10-15 dollars. Funny how life works out. If you go into the table expecting nothing. Knowing that you are going to get the last laugh. Usually that is when Jerome or Shaniqua will actually break you off with a tip. Learn this. Live this.

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