black people dont tip

It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.

I swear. When I first started waiting tables, I heard about how black people don’t tip. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have waited tables at three different restaurants in the past few years and it’s the same at each place. Black people don’t tip.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black or any other color, you’re most likely not getting a good tip. most often, I see $1 per person. If it’s a 4 top and the bill is $100, the tip will be $4. That’s accurate unless two of the people are children, then you’re getting $2 tip.

Because I give everyone a fair chance, this still hurts every time. Sometimes the table will be as sweet as can be, then tipped me the standard $1/person. I don’t see how something is racist if it’s true. Ask black people who wait tables. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know this to be true as well.

I’d just like to know why black people don’t tip. If you’re black, and you don’t tip, why not leave a comment on here.

P.S. I like The site.
P.P.S. This happened as recently as yesterday. We have an all you can eat rib special….the worst promotion ever. I will run back and forth for a table, refilling sweet tea and lemonade for an hour, even 2, as well as running plates of food, extra napkins, and dirty dishes, and still get no tip or a $1/person.

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1,886 Responses to “It’s just true. Black people don’t tip.”

  1. BitterServer says:

    I was waiting for another black person to chime in and justify why they stiff service people whenever they go out, but to hear “why tip when no credit is given” is more absurd than I could fathom. LOL. That was a good one. They say ignorance is bless but too many black people take it too literally.

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  2. BitterServer says:

    As much as it hurts me to say this, I feel like i need to. I am a 26 year old black male. I’ve been a server for 7 years. It was only when I started serving did I become racist!! OF MY OWN RACE! What the hell is wrong with you people? Becoming a server made me hate my own people. My whole family is aware that I make $2.13 an hour and aside from my mother and father, they still continue to stiff their server whenever they go out. The saddest part is they KNOW the only money we make is their tips but they continue to stiff because they have this severe entitlement issues. I’ve even heard my uncle play dumb and say “oh, they get paid hourly” when he knows my 2.13 an hour amounts to zero after taxes. Point being. You could enlighten every black person on earth about server wages and a majority will continue to stiff their server. Why? Because they’re greed, selfish and don’t give a shit.
    I think its truly some mind of genetic defect that makes most black people too damn greedy to tip. Working in the service industry really opened up my eyes to why whites hate black people so much. If they stopped being greedy assholes people wouldn’t hate us so much. I’m just saying. There is nothing you can do. They will never tip. Black people are stupid assholes. And yes, I can say that because I am black. And dark skinned at that. Stop acting like entitled pieces of shit and maybe you’ll get your ranch in less than 15 minutes. I’ve had to resort to telling my server I’m in the industry when I go out to eat. Otherwise I get shitty service. I hate to say it but black people deserve shitty service because they’re shitty, greedy people. There is a reason we’re the poorest race in existence and that’s because greed always gets the best of us. Ashamed to be black… :( My own family knows we don’t get paid hourly but CHOOSES to play dumb and make excuses for not tipping every time they go out to it. It probably is a genetic thing. Even wealthy black people stiff all the time. Look at Lebron James, Michael (Hoardin) Jordan, or Scotty (no tippin’) Pippin. Even Tiger Woods regularly stiffs his server and they are some of the richest people in the world. They just feel entitled and better than you. They’re greed and selfishness inhibits them from acquiring any pride. As long as they save a buck they don’t care if you think they’re cheap. Most would prolly label themselves a pedophile if they were getting paid. More research needs to go into finding a genetic reason for this, for ignorance isn’t the issue. Trust me on that. They know exactly what they’re doing, just simply don’t care.

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  3. Lee says:

    While in college, I was a server at a restaurant in Baltimore City, MD. For me, the worst tippers were black church folk. Every Sunday I would get a group of black church memebers coming in for lunch, and they would only leave a dollar or two. I recall one time where I had a table of 4 that ran up a bill of something like $95…..I was left a $1 tip. I was later told that since the bible says something about giving 10% to God….they feel no one derserves anything near 10% on anything. I’m guessing the 10% to God is derived from overall earned income for the year, not the cost of a f*cking Cobb Salad…..but asking them to employ both logic and simple math simultaneously may be asking too much.

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    • Dabnkat says:

      I had the exact same thing said to me! This just gives them a reason not to tip so they feel better about their pathetic lives.

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  4. Ted says:

    I am Asian American, and I have been a server during my college years. I guess as one of minority, I have a lot more neutral view and more liberty to say it. I hated serving black people and hated it when they sat in my section. Yes, few of them here and there were generous, and reminded me that I always have to give them a benefit of doubts, but it happened very rarely. They walked me to death, as they could not think of what they need at once, having to ask me for something every time I bring them something they requested earlier. Their order is tend to be the most complicated ones. They most often complains that their bar drink has not enough alcohol to get free drinks. They often came in so close to closing that I ended up staying over an hour after closing. And after all that trouble I went through, they tip me maybe 5% when suggested tip amount is clearly stated above.

    I hate racism, but when it comes to food industries, it will be there and black people really have no one to blame but themselves on that.

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  5. Tara says:

    I have served at 3 different restaurants in a tourist town where a large percentage of the tourists are black and I heard other servers say the same thing. For me it was just not the case. In fact I don’t remember a single time I didn’t get a tip from a black person. Some people were shitty tippers and some of those were black people. But all of the times where I got no tip it all it was white people.

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  6. Driver5 says:

    I do deliveries for a Chicago area restaurant, and have been doing so for a few years. I would not post if it were not true, but black people do not tip. I would say at best 1 out of ten tip (at best). Sure some whites don’t tip, but the only race that never leaves a thing is blacks. From my experience white, and Hispanic men tip the best, but female or male every other race other than black tips at least sometimes. Black people do not tip. Call me a racist fine, but I am speaking only from my personal experiences.

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