Who Would You Wait On

Who Would You Rather Wait On?

 These 12 parties are waiting at the host stand. You’re free to pick one party and seat them in your section. Who’s it gonna be? (poll is below the descriptions)

White Middle School Kids  Stereotypical White Family White Business Guys  Old Married Couple

white middle school dance kids 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They’re eating dinner before their 8th grade prom. Their parents are sitting at the bar, supervising and waiting to pay the bill.

white family 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They eat out several times a month. The kids are behaving if not a touch bratty. The wife was a bit put off by your limited selection of sparkling waters.

white business guys 112x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They’re a friendly enough bunch. They’re grabbing a quick lunch on the business account. They’re a bit condescending and one of them has a laptop with him.

old white couple 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They can’t hear. They don’t know what they want even though they order the same thing every week. They’re definitely getting coffee after and it better be hot.

 Native American Family  Ghetto Black Couple  Flamboyant Gay White Couple  Fat White Women

native american family 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They don’t go out to eat much. They’re splitting everything. The preteen daughter does the talking for the entire table.

ghetto black couple 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They smell like weed and I think ya boy is on that purp. They’re going to order a lot of food and pay in cash. They definitely want a booth.

gay couple 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They order a nice bottle of wine. They’re a bit loud and over the top. They’re going to park it in your section for a while. One of them mentions he used to wait tables.

fat white women 143x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They’re a grumpy bunch. To your surprise, they all order salads and decide to “live a little” and split a single dessert. They want separate checks.

 Cougar Women Black Prom Party Asian American Young Adults  Black Church Party

cougar women 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

These gals are having a “girls night out”. They’re wearing a ton of perfume. Both order one too many drinks. You hear them complaining about their husbands while making inappropriate comments about the hot waiter. They’re going to sit in your section for at least 2 hours. The later it gets, the louder they get.

black prom kids 150x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They’re loud and want 16 separate checks. Most are paying with cash and you get to add gratuity to each of they’re checks. They don’t over stay their welcome but they do leave your section a mess.

asian american young adults 112x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

Stereotyped as good tippers who like to leave cash. They order a bunch of food and extra plates because they like to share everything. They fight over who’s going to pay the bill. The guys are a little mean to their girlfriends but they’re all having a good time.

black people fresh out of church 131x150 Who Would You Rather Wait On?

They’re fresh out of church and looking to eat. They want cups of hot water, plastic utensils and everyone is getting extra sauce. They’re friendly but bossy. They definitely want a few separate checks.

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6 Responses to “Who Would You Rather Wait On?”

  1. Jojo says:

    Dana, that is just not true at all. True story: Worked in a really busy casual local chain. Other servers constantly dumped tables they didn’t want. (I’d take them, but would NOT trade) I got a bunch of regulars that way and at least 15%, but usually 20-30%. I treated them ALL the same.. happy to see them, make it fun and just do your job without thought or reservation based on the way they look.
    Trust me, customers KNOW when you judge them.. If they get it a lot, the radar gets freakin good.

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  2. workingfortipssuxunlessuliveinbouldercolorado says:

    as for my pick, asians for sure. ive already done this study. asians tip best and are more likely to not stiff than other races

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  3. workingfortipssuxunlessuliveinbouldercolorado says:

    dana james, if a cat shits in a litterbox its not racist. its a fact. a fact as much as anthing besides death and taxes. with that said, cats shit in litterboxes and black people shit on whoever they can…please contribute dana. be a factualist and provide facts

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  4. I_Pour_Drinks I_Pour_Drinks says:

    I’m going Asian couple. Those people love to drink and I love to pour their drinks. Younger Asians, the guys and the girls, tip big! They also LOVE to gamble (I used to bartend at a casino).

    Whats crazy is, they’re usually so friendly but the older generations of them, like their parents who own the Chinese restaurants, are kinda rude and aggressive.HT3qayC.png

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  5. Maggie says:

    I picked the Asians based on the picture. Those look like Chinese-Americans in their early 20’s. Those people usually tip well and in cash.

    Other ethnicities, like Japanese-Americans, do not tip as well. Age is also a factor. I don’t trust middle-aged and elderly Asian-Americans.

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  6. Dana James says:

    I really want to share BLACK PEOPLE DON’T TIP but I don’t want to be labeled racist.

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