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Discounted Receipt

Coupons And Gift Certificates Don’t Apply To The Tip You Leave.

So, you scored an awesome restaurant coupon or gift certificate and you’re about to go out to dinner for free, or with a nice discount. Well, are you aware that, just because you’re going to get a reduced bill, doesn’t mean you should short your waiter by leaving a discounted tip?Discounted Receipt Coupons And Gift Certificates Dont Apply To The Tip You Leave.

Everyone loves to save money. Being able to dine out, and save money on your food bill, is a great thing. The only thing that can spoil this is by being a “cheap” customer and not leaving a sufficient tip for your server. If you’re normally a good tipper, don’t change your good habit because you’re using some type of discount coupon or certificate. If you usually don’t tip much when you go out to eat, the money you just saved on your dining experience provides a great opportunity to pass your savings on to your waiter or waitress by leaving a nice tip.

The mistake most commonly made by patrons using said discounts, involves tipping on the total AFTER the discount has been applied. This tip will make your server sad. You received a discount on your meal, not your service. Always try to tip 15-20% gratuity on the total BEFORE the discount. Take a look at the graphic to see what I mean.

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Coupons And Gift Certificates Don't Apply To The Tip You Leave., 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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2 Responses to “Coupons And Gift Certificates Don’t Apply To The Tip You Leave.”

  1. Bob says:

    As a pizza delivery guy I can’t stand it when people get free pizzas from gift certificates or something, they assume since the pizza is free there’s no need to tip either, they’ll usually just take the pizza out of my hands and slam the door in my face.

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  2. Emily Wilks says:

    I have a friend whom I took out to eat with me last weekend. I treated and used a gift certificate to pay for some of the meal. I don’t know the exact total, but it was around $55.00. I used a $30.00 gift certificate and paid the rest in cash. I went to leave a $5.00 top (20% of $25) when my friend insisted she help put in for more tip. I didn’t understand why she wanted to tip so much until I brought this up to my husband and he explained to me that my friend wasn’t being rude, she was just trying to make sure our waitress received a good tip. I googled about tipping when paying with gift certificates and found this article. I now understand I was leaving a low tip. Good article! Not everyone is a cheapwad when they tip after using a discount. Some of us just didn’t realize what we were doing. Thanks!

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