Bad Black People Tip Sheena

Server Was Awesome; Tip Was Not

For all the people who say the reason servers get shitty tips from black people is because they’re either giving shitty service or the customers can tell they’re being treated differently because of their skin color and the stereotypes associated with minorities and tipping, take a look at this.

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Yup. That’s right. Server was “Awesome”. Yet the server still got a shitty tip of $5.22 on a bill that totaled nearly $90.00.
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  1. Chris

    I’ve worked as a GM of many restaurants, two being 4-stars. Your black stories may be true but they account for a very small percentage of your headaches, unless you work at a restaurant in the hood. White pride keeps you from wanting to admit your own people stiff you.

    Truth be told, how many black tables do you serve daily, weekly, monthly? If you’re as good as you think you are, then the white customers would make up for the lack of bad black tippers you get.

    I have 3 franchised IHOP’s in Houston. I estimated 9% of my daily traffic were black customers, the remaining being white. Average server made $15/hour, from white customers. I sat around one Saturday morning (1a-noon) and made a spreadsheet at one of my restaurants and found that white customers, tipped my black wait staff better than my white and hispanic staff. Percentage-wise as a white server, you make more per black table than white tables. I’ve been in the industry for many decades, so tell the truth. Blacks aren’t making your lives miserable. It could be slightly different where you are but the fact remains that blacks don’t eat at full-service restaurants as much as whites do. So if you depend on 9% of the traffic to pay your bills, you need help.

    Another helpful tip for servers is to avoid black tables where the black men are not the alphas. White / Hispanic tables will typically have an alpha male handling the arrangements. With blacks you have watch black women who buffalo the men in their family/group around. Black women are the complainers and if the man is a wimp, which is usually the case, you provide minimum service. Watch for black males that make it a point to prove they’re not gay. Those are men raised by single mothers and they do not tip. Basically, if a black table is seated and the men are in-charge, you will certainly get a tip and a decent interaction.

    But be honest with yourselves, white customers will tip, on average, 8 – 13% of their check, nothing more.

    As far is that picture above, who normally fills out those cards? People who have a complaint, rarely is anything positive written on the cards. The server gave that card to the table and they wrote that on there to get it out of the way.

  2. Rich

    take my word for it everything you read about blacks is VERY true!!! I drove a taxi 24 years ago for 20 years prior to that. cab fare being 4.95 & demanding their nickel back, & have reported me for not having a nickel.- YES you read correctly for 5 cents. & many for .25 cents
    Even the black drivers would pass them up on the street, knowing their own (black) don’t tip. When you do get a tip it usually don’t get 20% & you can frame it.
    Even bartenders tell me also how blacks don’t tip & even on cocktail hour where the second drink is free.

      • P.K.

        Yeah! I agree, I’d never take change from a service person & always over tip but, I like being asked if I want my change! A lot of my regular servers will ask when I go to pay the bill, just because they know me, they’ll say ” do you want your change?’ And I always say of course not! Keep in mind that I’ll give them $20 for a $10 or less bill!

  3. TylerFromOmaha

    An honestly perplexing situation; I’ve had this happen, as has (I’m relatively certain) every other industry veteran. On the one hand, it’s infuriating, but I also have to conclude that the patron honestly believed they were leaving an above-par tip. The reason being is that full-service restaurants don’t really exist in black neighborhoods (same goes for very rural, predominantly white areas), so a flat $1 or $2 tip per diner is the norm in the counter-/quick-service establishments, which cater to this clientele. I have observed that an increasing number of local restaurants are now adding a short tipping guide at the bottom of itemized receipts, and from what I hear from others in the business, server complaints about poor tips have fallen dramatically at these establishments. The only cure for ignorance is education, after all.

    • admin

      We are talking 3 generations of black women. ages 20’s – 50’s. Bullshit on them not knowing how to tip.

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