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Ask A New Orleans Foodie (Kayla)

I asked Kayla of New Orleans, Louisiana a few questions regarding dining in Greater New Orleans. This is the first of what I’m hoping will be a series of these with people from all over this great country.

My favorite restaurant to dine at in New Orleans for dinner is Ye Old College Innwww.collegeinn1933.com on S. Carrollton. This restaurant, locally owned, serves creative classic New Orleans dishes using ingredients grown right across the street in a lovely garden and from the company’s family ranchwww.collegeinn1933.com. The ambiance is relaxed and romantic with dim lighting and vintage pictures of local culture adorning the walls. At a comfortable price you can enjoy a delicious meal made with fresh, locally grown ingredients.
In your opinion, what is critical when it comes to receiving good service while dining out?
When dining out I expect servers to be friendly and make sure my dinner is served the way I ordered it. With that said, I am not one to make picky request and order off the menu. I do not desire for my server to entertain me or spend lots of time checking on me and my guests. They should simply take the order, present the food and make sure drinks are refilled when necessary. I am never interested in dinner and a show, but kind and proper service.
What can ruin a restaurant visit?
From working in the restaurant industry for the past seven years I have learned how to accommodate appropriately to individual guests needs. Some people need more attention and are more picky with their orders than others. Likewise, some guests handle situations like a mistake with their order better than others. Restaurants maintain a quick pace momentum. Several orders are being placed and prepared cautiously throughout the shifts. Sometimes, orders are constructed wrong due to an error of the server or kitchen. ¬†Restaurants have the responsibility to correct the issue and make the guests’ experience a delight. However, sometimes guests allow a simple mistake to ruin their entire visit. In my opinion, any meal can be remade within a reasonable time and thus this should not have such an effect on the dining experience. Personally, the only way my dining experience would be ruined was if the restaurant seemed to be dirty and disorganized. Other than that, I usually am happy to be on the other side of the table, sitting down and being taken care of for a change.

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  1. Asya

    Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenSo I suppose I sohuld have know that since it’s New Orleans style food it was going to be spicy but I didn’t. And my daughter is not big on spicy food. Her salad (the Cresent City Chicken Salad did not have a description of being spicy (which in my opinion any spicy item sohuld have). I tried the salad myself and I love spicy food and I found it to be fairly spicy. But what bothered me was the servers attitude about it. She talked to us like we were stupid for not knowing. She did however offer to replace the item with something else which I thought was very nice. We have the pommes frites which were AMAZING! And I had the Monte Cristo, which I was hesitant to try because I had only had one once before (somewhere else) and it was awful. But it was really good and HUGE. It could easily be split between two people.The tables are outside and have a nice view. Even though it was a warm day, it was chilly that evening. So I ended up shivering through the meal! So if you are going on a cool night make sure you bring a jacket, my sweatshirt wasn’t enough.

  2. Biloxipizzaboytherandomsidekick

    I’ve always been a fan of the quartermaster. It’s a hole in the wall take out place off Bourban but not by the strip clubs or bars, more down by Esplanade. Not gonna lie though, it is a place where you shouldn’t ask too many questions about the food haha

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