Asians love baccarat

Why Do Asians Love Baccarat and Not Tipping The Cocktail Waitress?

If you’ve ever been to a online-casino ö, you can’t help but notice the Asians at the baccarat table. Literally all the Asians, every time I’ve ever been to a casino, have been at the baccarat table. It’s funny how the table games seem to appeal to different races. For instance, I notice black people love craps and cheap blackjack. Old white dudes love craps and 5 card poker. Women with gaudy jewelry like to sit solo at the expensive blackjack tables and slot machines. Younger white girls like roulette.

I can remember one night sitting at the end of a blackjack table, and next to a baccarat table. I couldn’t help but notice there were nothing but Asians at the baccarat. They general mood over there was overwhelmingly serious and intense. It didn’t look like a fun place to be. Given my passion for the service industry, I started focusing in on how they were treating the cocktail waitress.

Before I lost the money I was wiling to gamble at the blackjack table, I was able to see them order and receive two rounds of drinks. More than half the drinks were water. The other half of the drinks were cocktails and beers. I didn’t see them drop a single dollar or a single chip on the tray the cocktail waitress was holding. What’s up with that?

In the restaurant industry, getting a table of Asians is usually a good thing. While I don’t know if it’s Chinese, Japanese, etc., I can tell you that, in my experience, guests who look Asian do tip well.


  1. V2GoodRider

    I’m a 30 year old Asian male. I play Baccarat with my friends and we all give the dealer a tip when we win and the cocktail waitress a dollar for each drink. We’re not all bad….but we all seem to LOVE baccarat.

  2. Sava

    I am a dealer in a casino in Canada. Currently on my break from dealing baccarat to 17 Asians. I made 1 tip in 45 minutes. These people are the cheapest in the house and incredibly high maintenance and RUDE. I couldn’t count the times I’ve been called rude names in mandarin and Cantonese. How many times I’ve had money thrown at me. And it is ONLY BACCARAT that this happens on. To the writer of this thread. IMO you are 100% correct on every single stereotype you placed regarding casinos. Well done!

  3. working for tips sux unless u work in bolder, colorodo

    yea, u missed somethin…asians are the best tippers. and it sounds like u know nothin bout casinos no offense…and im white

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