Don’t Seat Yourself At A Restaurant

When you visit a restaurant, and it’s more than a diner or hole in the wall, the odds are, there is a host stand with hosts and hostesses who manage seating people. This host stand ensures prompt seating in appropriate sections of the restaurant. If you didn’t know, now you know. Sure, some people dislike host But, I assure you, the process ensures you’re going to receive the best possible dining experience. Table distribution is put in place with the guests in mind. If you seat yourself, you might not get prompt or good service. Having an employee from the host stand seat you is important for many reasons. I’ll list some, at random, below:

  • There might be a rookie on the floor who can’t handle many tables. Seating yourself in said rookie’s section could lead to poor service.
  • You might seat yourself in a section where the server was just sat other tables. This is called putting a server “in the“. Now you relpax canadian have a frazzled server waiting on you.
  • If you seat yourself, you may not get noticed by anyone. This could lead to you sitting there for a long time without any servers greeting you.
  • There may buy be other people waiting to be seated. If you simply “cut the” to avoid a wait, you may be asked to get up. Also, if you knowingly “cut the line”, you’re a jerk.
  • The host stand is likely seating in rotation. You’re breaking the rotation. Maybe some poor server was dying for a table, so he or she can have a chance at making some money, and you just sat in someone else’s section.

buy levitra My biggest gripe, with people who seat themselves, is when I’m busy doing something and people just sit down in my section. I may not realize they are there. What usually happens next is the table that sat themselves is annoyed that it took me so long to greet them. Sorry, but if you just went ahead and skipped the first and very important part of the restaurant dining process, it’s buy generic not completely my fault that you were waiting. I wait on lots of tables who seem like they’ve just left the house for the first time. I’m more than happy to explain dining etiquette to any guest who seems unsure of what’s going on. If you’re viagra ever out somewhere, and you don’t understand “how to do things like everyone else”, just ask. Restaurant lobby is a great way to ensure a “bump-free” dinner for you and those around you.


  1. ally

    What people dont understand is that the hosts run the flow of the restaurant. If people come in and seat themselves theyre most likely going to “weed” their server. Which is going to make their service not as great as it could have been. Then the server is ringing in 3 different tables orders at the same time. Which “weeds” the kitchen. Which makes your food come out slow. Then they want to not tip you bc they basically fucked themselves over by seating themselves. And weeding the whole restaurant. Lol

  2. lauren

    This happens EVERY DAY where I work. My favorite is when they sit down at a dirty table and they get mad at me for it. WAIT FOR THE HOSTESS!

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