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Black Waitress

Being A Black Waitress

Hope, a server and bartender in Omaha, Nebraska, tells us her story about what it’s like being a black waitress, and what that means when she’s a patron. I am a server at ...
Rough First Day

Rough First Day

This is a story submitted by an anonymous reader who started waiting tables in a city he or she didn’t bother to mention. It’s about a typical first day as a server. It ...
Sunday Demons

Sunday Demons: There’s Nothing Holy About These Sunday Diners

“Breezy”, a server in Virginia Beach, Virginia, shared with us the following story: It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was called into work. Despite how badly I did not want ...
pepper water

Pepper Wasn’t The Only Black Suspect At The Table.

Abby, a server in Indiana, sent us her story about the time It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have to work a double…per usual. I get sat with my last table for the lunch shift, ...
Courtesy @yolisaann on Instagram

Food Running Shifts: Is This Even Legal?

The restaurant I used to work at would schedule their favorites as “Food Runners”. Basically, this is a shift where you can clock in for $2.13/hour, run food all shift (occasionally ...
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