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Pepper Wasn’t The Only Black Suspect At The Table.

Abby, a server in Indiana, sent us her story about the time It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have to work a double…per usual. I get sat with my last table for the lunch shift, ...
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Food Running Shifts: Is This Even Legal?

The restaurant I used to work at would schedule their favorites as “Food Runners”. Basically, this is a shift where you can clock in for $2.13/hour, run food all shift (occasionally ...
Customer Expects Waitress Jacket For Date

The Coat Off My Back

Aimee, a server in Baton Rouge, LA, shares with her the ridiculous expectations of a recent guest.  After being a long time lurker of this site, I thought I had a short story worth ...

Pay Up Or Get Fired: When Customers Walk Out On Their Tab

Today, I’d like to bring to light what usually happens when customers “Dine & Dash“. After reading this article, it reminded me just how awful life can be for ...

Stereotypical Black Patrons Giving Verbal Tips As Usual

“PghWaitress”, a server in Pittsburgh, PA, writes in to tell us about the time she had the luxury of being the token black employee who got to wait on the stereotypical ...
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