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Are Restaurants Avoiding Paying Minimum Wage By Forcing Servers To Claim More Tips Than They’ve Actually Earned?

Susan, a server in Little Rock,, submitted this 3 sentence heads up. I can tell she’s frustrated. I’m wondering how widespread this is.

I made 28 dollars on a lunch shift. I worked from 11 am to 4:45pm. When I clocked out the computer would not let me clock out until I claimed 42 dollars in……Screw this sh*t!!!

Has anyone else experienced this? To me, this seems like a way for restaurants to avoid paying minimum I can remember shifts when I would work 5 hours and only make $20.00 in tips, have to clean the restaurant, then go through a lengthy “checkout” process. When I’d bring it to the attention of the manager that I did not earn minimum wage during my shift, I was basically told to claim more┬áthan I actually made or to look for a new job.

If your employer is telling you to lie about how much you’re earning, a good idea may be to alert the

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The Turkeys - Ranch

Extra Ranch

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Extra ranch: Is that ever a good thing for a server to hear?

From my days of waiting tables, I surely don’t remember the people asking for ridiculous amount of ranch, bbq sauce or any of the other dips, sauces and dressing looking like this cornball white guy. I guess they were afraid to cast a stereotypical ranch-beggar.

The Turkeys – Ranch

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