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disgruntled server

Are Restaurants Avoiding Paying Minimum Wage By Forcing Servers To Claim More Tips Than They’ve Actually Earned?

Susan, a server in Little Rock, Arkansas, submitted this 3 sentence heads up. I can tell she’s frustrated. I’m wondering how widespread this is. I made 28 dollars on a lunch ...
claw machine exploit

Manager Fires Server After He Exploits Claw Machine.

Name – Andrew Occupation – Server Location – Central Jersey I have a bit of a more unusual story. I waited tables over 10 years ago. I was in Jersey working at a Perkins. ...
The Turkeys - Ranch

Extra Ranch

Extra ranch: Is that ever a good thing for a server to hear? From my days of waiting tables, I surely don’t remember the people asking for ridiculous amount of ranch, bbq sauce ...
KASEY WILLIAMS - Get the F Out of My Way

Folksy Server Anthem – KASEY WILLIAMS – “Get the F Out of My Way”

“Maybe your breath smells like poo.” I hope this woman is finished with her career as a server because she seems completely burned out. This song is cute and funny as it ...
Black Waitress

Being A Black Waitress

Hope, a server and bartender in Omaha, Nebraska, tells us her story about what it’s like being a black waitress, and what that means when she’s a patron. I am a server at ...
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