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rotten tomatoes

Thankless Job: Welcome To The Life Of A Server

Here’s a story submitted by Shauna V. who is now a paralegal┬áin Raleigh, ┬áNorth Carolina. Before her current employment, which hopefully includes the comforts of a nice office ...
black people dont tip

Video: This is Why Servers Cringe When They See Black People.

This is why no one likes waiting on black people. Look at this drunk, gay, black guy. He’s rambling on, with the rest of his party, cursing and being loud. Apparently, he’s ...
sensitive black man crying

Black People: Are they really this sensitive, or just trying to get free food?

I swear to everything, this black sensitivity, non-black guilt shit has gotten way out of hand. Check out what happened at a Thai & Japanese restaurant in Dallas, Texas. So, there’s ...
photo credit: reddit user /u/Chef_de_Stein

Your Food Allergies Are YOUR Responsibility.

If you have a food allergy, or just like to pretend you have a food allergy, it’s up to you to let your server know. It’s completely unjustifiable to catch an attitude, ...
angry black woman about to fight

Aggressive Black Women

This story is one which is very similar to a lot of stories that get submitted. It also reminds me of some of the worst memories of when I was a server in a restaurant. This one is ...
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